Lauren Huntsman is a financial planner serving young professionals who want to embrace the future with excitement instead of fear. Many young professionals face the burden of student debt and are at a crossroads on how to pay off their student loans, accomplish their bucket list items, and achieve the work-lifestyle balance they desire. Our team at Wealthnest created the nestology process that continuously nurtures a customized plan for our clients as their lives unfold and their needs evolve. Lauren’s goal is to not only create a plan for student loan repayment but rather develop a comprehensive roadmap for success and foster long-term relationships with her clients.

Budget–It’s Not a Bad Word

It’s time to take stock of your spending habits and create a budget. Seeing the numbers in front of you can help you understand your financial situation and figure out where you can economize. Millennials face some unique financial stressors that are quite different from those that previous generations encountered. The fallout from the Great