PSLF 2021

PSLF changes in 2021

Over the past several years, many nurses, teachers, social workers, and other public servants have faced challenges accessing the relief they were promised under the PSLF program that was signed into law in 2007. The Department of Education earlier this week announce very large-scale changes that could assist many in qualifying for the program even if they were previously denied.

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Six Ideas for Paying Off Student Loans

While federal student loans payments are on hold, take time to put a strategy in place to pay off this debt faster. When the CARES Act was passed earlier in 2020 to provide financial relief individuals and families through the COVID-19 pandemic, it included a hold on federal student loan payments and on interest charges for federal student loans. The …

Paying Off Student Loans

There are many choices for repaying student loans. This checklist can help you weigh them. Actively managing your debt is an important step, and your student debt may be one of the biggest financial obligations you have. There are many strategies that could help you manage student loans efficiently. Here is a checklist. Choose a federal loan repayment plan that …

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College is Expensive. Make Sure You Have a Plan in Place.

Are you aware of the different options available to you when saving for your children’s (or grandchildren’s) college costs? Here is a glimpse at each option. The hallmarks of an ideal college savings plan would include limitless contributions, important tax benefits, minimal impact on financial aid, and flexibility in choosing a college. No one savings plan is perfect, but some …