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62, 67, 70: When Will You Retire?

The financial considerations of retiring “earlier” or “later” If you can retire by choice, the question of “when” comes to mind. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of retirement at three different ages. At 62, you can claim Social Security. That alone prompts some baby boomers to consider retiring. Leaving work at 62

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Your Financial Retirement Feedback Loop

Sometimes you need a “sounding board” for your ideas and concerns.   When you have financial questions or ideas, you need someone to listen. A professional can listen and help provide insight into possible financial moves you could make—plus give you guidance regarding your options. Every retirement saver needs to measure financial progress. Checking in with your

Arizona employee stock purchase plans ESPP

Employee Stock Purchase Plan | ESPP

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP) are company administered benefit programs that offer employees the opportunity to purchase common stock in their company, typically at a discount. Advantages of an ESPP Discount offers an incentive to save/invest Convenient contributions through payroll deduction No commitment to purchase a specific number of shares The discounted purchase price of