Your Financial Retirement Feedback Loop

Sometimes you need a “sounding board” for your ideas and concerns. If you don’t there may be ” feedback ” when it comes to your financial advisor.

When you have financial questions or ideas, you need someone to listen. A professional can listen and help provide insight into possible financial moves you could make—plus give you guidance regarding your options.

Every retirement saver needs to measure financial progress. Checking in with your financial professional every so often helps you determine how things are going and what parts of the retirement planning strategy may need fine-tuning. Your retirement planning and investing approach will, undoubtedly, need some adjustment over time. Avoiding your own personal feedback loop which can lead you to poor financial decision making.

Objectives and priorities can change. Financial goals that were once top of mind may seem less important as you grow older, and those goals may give way to new ones. I can assist you to refocus your long-run investing and retirement planning approach in response.

What is on your mind right now? Perhaps you are thinking about retirement savings or retirement income. Maybe your investments or your tax situation are prompting questions. Share your concerns, thoughts, or ideas with me. We can review these matters and consider possible financial responses. Having a financial plan from a Wealthnest advisor can lower your concerns about developing a financial feedback loop. Contact us today for a complimentary financial physical.

Michael McGinley, CFP ®
Comprehensive Wealth Manager | Tax Advisor
Chandler, AZ 85226

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