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How to Tally Your Social Security Benefits

While the Social Security Administration has stopped mailing annual statements, you can still calculate your (approximate) retirement benefits. In an effort to save money, the Social Security Administration (SSA) stopped mailing annual statements nearly a decade ago. The yearly statements were helpful, as they helped workers estimate their Social Security benefits. Despite this lack of formal reporting, the SSA offers …

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When to Begin Collecting Social Security

Deciding when to begin collecting Social Security depends on a number of factors, including how longyou anticipate needing it. Deciding when to retire and begin collecting Social Security is an important life decision. For some, savings losses may dictate that you delay your retirement plans and continue working, which means postponing when you begin collecting Social Security. Current law allows …

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Can Social Security Be Fixed

Will Social Security be different when you retire? Its reserves are projected to be depleted by 2034, and if that happens, the program could pay retirees only about 80% of projected retirement benefits. Let’s discuss if Social Security can be fixed before it’s gone.

social security planning Arizona

Optimizing Social Security Income

Many Americans count on Social Security as a substantial source of income in retirement. But, most people do not understand the guidelines surrounding these benefits. So, they may claim their benefits at a time that’s detrimental for their circumstances, eventually losing money in the process.   Claiming early With these rules, it may seem obvious to delay your retirement benefits, …