Dealing with an Unexpected Retirement.

Retiring earlier than expected isn’t a new phenomenon. Some people are pleasantly surprised to find they are financially ready even earlier than expected. For others, this may be a shock of a lifetime. No matter your view or take on how you got there you need to take action. So how can people deal with early or unexpected retirement? First …

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An Unexpected Layoff

2020 has been the year of uncertainty, but don’t give up hope. You may be one of the many affected by large scale layoffs and employment uncertainty. That is why today Kevin discusses the immediate moves to make when facing unemployment due to a layoff.

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Facing Possible Unemployment? Take These Steps to Prepare

If you’re facing unemployment or concerned about the possibility of upcoming layoffs, there are some small, proactive steps you can take now to help make this difficult time more manageable. Build Your Network. It’s estimated that over 80% of open positions are filled through networking.1 The easiest time to build your network is while you are still employed. Websites like …

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Managing a Job Layoff

When you are apart of a small or large layoff there a few key points and decisions you will need to make. Key points Work closely with your financial advisor to establish spending priorities and determine the best options for managing retirement assets.  Apply for unemployment benefits immediately. There are strict deadlines that can’t be missed.  If possible, don’t let health …