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The Basics of Financial Fitness

Becoming financially fit requires maintaining foundational elements, including a budget, emergency fund, strong credit score, and retirement savings. There’s a subjective uncertainty associated with financial wellness. Are you financially fit? And if so, how fit are you? While there is no clearly defined threshold for answering affirmatively, much less grading your level of fitness, there are baseline elements associated with …

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When to Begin Collecting Social Security

Deciding when to begin collecting Social Security depends on a number of factors, including how longyou anticipate needing it. Deciding when to retire and begin collecting Social Security is an important life decision. For some, savings losses may dictate that you delay your retirement plans and continue working, which means postponing when you begin collecting Social Security. Current law allows …

PSLF 2021

PSLF changes in 2021

Over the past several years, many nurses, teachers, social workers, and other public servants have faced challenges accessing the relief they were promised under the PSLF program that was signed into law in 2007. The Department of Education earlier this week announce very large-scale changes that could assist many in qualifying for the program even if they were previously denied.

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Retirement by Vaccination?

“I don’t want to ‘pivot’ anymore. … I’m sick of the back-and-forth rules and guidelines. … Do this. … Oh no, do that. No matter where you stand on vaccines, we are hearing more and more comments like this from our clients, and many are just DONE plain and simple. Done, may mean retirement. For others, a change of employment …

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The most common inheritance mistakes.

Since inheritances don’t happen every day, it’s not uncommon for recipients to feel confused as to their next steps. Due to the unfamiliarity of the situation, and the events involved, it’s easy for even the most rational person to make some costly financial mistakes. But you don’t have to.

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The Insurance Gap

COVID has & continues to re-shape the American work landscape in many ways. For some COVID forced early retirement, for others they are choosing to exit the workforce before age 65, either way, your financial challenge remains the same — covering the health care gap until Medicare kicks in. Well, with proper planning and guidance you can potentially reduce that …

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Let’s talk the B. word.

The toughest part of a financial plan can be following a budget. But, when you execute a budget correctly it can lead you down the quickest path to financial freedom!