Everything is Better with Bacon

It even makes understanding inflation easier. Let’s face it: talking about bacon is always fun. It can even help illustrate a topic that has been in the financial media a lot lately — inflation. In 1991, the price of a pound of bacon cost $2.22 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Thirty years later, in August of 2021, a …

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You’re Young, Not Stupid

It’s easy to understand why saving for retirement isn’t a priority in your 20’s. But youth is a huge advantage when it comes to building wealth for retirement because you have the most reliable and effective tool in wealth building…….TIME! This weeks episode Kevin Foster, CFP® discusses a few tips about saving for retirement while under the age of 30.

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Small Business Financial Planning

RUNNING A SMALL BUSINESS CARRIES WITH IT UNIQUE FINANCIAL PLANNING CHALLENGES, WITH MONEY CONCERNS AN ONGOING BURDEN FOR THOSE WHO WORK FOR THEMSELVES. After all, unlike salaried jobs where income is predictable, small business owners are often the last to get paid and the only one paying the bills. While there’s no magic formula to right the ship when it …

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Take a Systematic Approach to Long-Term Investing

While market declines, corrections and downturns can be disheartening, they can also be opportunities for investors with workplace retirement plan accounts, IRAs or any long-term investment programs that use dollar-cost averaging. Dollar-cost averaging is a method of investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. It works the same for everyone, regardless of investment experience. Down markets can actually …

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Common IRA Planning Mistakes

1. Not taking advantage of the Stretch distribution option or not establishing it properly The Stretch IRA is a way for each IRA beneficiary to maximize the payout period over his or her entire life expectancy. Properly designating beneficiaries and informing them of the IRA owner’s “Stretch” intentions are key to making this strategy work. 2. Not naming or updating …