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It’s not what you want to hear.

In my experience, some financial practices are more transaction-oriented, which means that after a short onboarding process, the advisor gives the client their best ideas about what products they should purchase. Other financial practices are planning-oriented. After a lengthy onboarding process that may include providing the advisor with a mortgage statement, tax return, account statements and insurance policy information, clients …

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Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Loan requests often come with financial success. While so many focus on the external dangers to their retirement savings. Many fail to prepare for various friends & family who will undoubtedly have a small financial request or the next great business idea. All they need is a little cash from you.

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Volatility for Growth

While volatile markets are nothing new, investor reactions are rarely predictable. Today Michael discusses why staying the course in times of volatility has been shown to be your best course of action. *investing involves risk including loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect …