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The Most Important Investing Factor

IRA, ETF, 401K, pre-tax, post-tax. For many when you are just beginning your financial journey as a young adult many of these terms can seem confusing and overwhelming. That is why Lauren breaks down how one simple step can resolve all your anxiety! Just save money…..period!

Dealing with an Unexpected Retirement.

Retiring earlier than expected isn’t a new phenomenon. Some people are pleasantly surprised to find they are financially ready even earlier than expected. For others, this may be a shock of a lifetime. No matter your view or take on how you got there you need to take action. So how can people deal with early or unexpected retirement? First …

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An Unexpected Layoff

2020 has been the year of uncertainty, but don’t give up hope. You may be one of the many affected by large scale layoffs and employment uncertainty. That is why today Kevin discusses the immediate moves to make when facing unemployment due to a layoff.

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Why the Need?

When it boils down to it both men and women want to achieve long term financial security. So how is financial planning for women different? While we all want to achieve the same goal, most women face certain challenges that are unique to them. What are those issues and how can we mitigate their effect on your financial future!